Tuesday, December 22, 2009


pics :)

Full Name: Lorenz Austin Dominguez
Nickname: LA/Lorenz
Comment: LA's face on different views. XD
wala siyang bangs sa unang picture XD

Full Name: Kamilla Nicole Ramirez
Nickname: Nicz
Comment: kakagising lang dun sa unang picture. haha XD

Full Name: Evan Jake Sanchez
Nick Name: EJ

Full Name: Nathaniel Jefferson
Nickname: Nathan
Comment: ang puti neto. XD

Full Name: Kathlyn Santos
Nickname: Kat
Comment: ginamit ko yung Santos galing kay KAY. XD haha

Full Name: Ethan Jay Sanchez
Nickname: Ethan

Full Name: Kyler Danielle Moranto
Nickname: Kyler

Full Name: Rachel Clarisse Sonido
Nickname: Rachel

This pictures are for representation only for the characters of my story.
If you have some suggestions, e-mail me at

cheers :)

By: Bianca Ulan

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